Tollis Bond

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Northwest Elementary

School District: Murray County Schools

City, State: Chatsworth, Georgia

About the Nominee: When one observes Tollis Bond interacting with her students, it's obvious that she treats her students as if they were her own children. She brings a sense of joy to her students and the school, and does everything she can to ensure that the children at Northwest Elementary get what they need. Each year, Mrs. Bond schedules Career on Wheels, an event where over 25 local businesses and community services come out to give presentations. The students are given the opportunity to ask questions and gain some insight into possible career paths. During the 2013 edition of the event, Mrs. Bond convinced Life Force to land their helicopter behind the school for the students to witness. Some additional activities that she coordinates include school field trips to the Warner Park Zoo, The Creative Discovery Museum, and the Science Guy. Mrs. Bond’s classroom is warm and inviting, and she encourages family involvement through a variety of events. Before the first day of school, she invites her students and their families to come for a meet and greet. She also hosts several events during the school year such as Donuts for Dads, Grandparent’s Day, and Mother's Day events. All of these events have a high participation rate.

Mrs. Bond is also an expert at raising funds for school activities. One year, she secured donations from local businesses like Dollar General for the school's PBIS programs, which rewards the students for positive behavior. During Field Day, she secured donations from Coke and Mayfield Dairy to provide drinks and ice-cream for the students. She also helps arrange scholarship funds and match them to students who want to participate and are in need of assistance. Their needs are a priority for her, and over the years, she has become very familiar with organizations that provide assistance to the students. At the same time, Mrs. Bond challenges the students to give back. For example, during the Bill Gregory Healthcare Classic, she produces a commercial for the morning announcements challenging students to come out and walk with her. Her contributions led to her being honored as the Northwest Teacher of the Year.

The Murray County Schools motto is “Committed to student success…. No exceptions, no excuses!”; this motto describes the efforts and actions of Mrs. Bond. She is a blessing to the district and a wonderful educator!

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