Grand Prize Winner

Shane Thill

Position: Director/Assistant Principal

School: Second Chance High Alternative School/Mitchell High School

School District: Mitchell School District 17-2

City, State: Mitchell, South Dakota

About the Nominee: Shane Thill is a life-changer in the community because of his ability to motivate students, his commitment to their growth, and his genuine interest in making the community and the world better places. Mr. Thill has gone above and beyond his role as a teacher and administrator to make sure that students have a safe and nurturing environment that allows them to learn and explore who they are and achieve their full potential. Mr. Thill inspires his students by letting them know that their voices matter and that each individual has the opportunity to share their knowledge with the world. Mr. Thill is more than just an assistant principal – he is a role model for his students, parents, colleagues and the Mitchell community!

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