Sandie Shepherd

Position: Maintenance Worker

School: Roseburg Public Schools

School District: Roseburg Public Schools

City, State: Roseburg, Oregon

About the Nominee: Sandie Shepherd is one of the maintenance workers in the largest school district in Douglas County, Oregon. She works at all twelve schools in the Roseburg School District. Mrs. Shepherd is a hard worker who loves to help others and is always thinking of others before herself. Anyone who knows her knows that she has a passion for her animals and family. She has no idea of the incredible difference she is making in the world! Mrs. Shepherd and her husband, Tim, own a herd of buffalo, a camel, a bobcat, and a wallaroo. She likes to bring the animals to the schools and use them to help with events, fundraisers, and educational activities. Once a year, she brings the buffalo to Hucrest Elementary School to teach the students about the Native American lifestyle. She allows the kids to interact with the animals, shows them tricks and teaches them how to care for the animals. Her main goal is to educate the children - whether it's about animals, Native American heritage, or just showing respect for everyone. Additionally, Mrs. Shepherd brought her wallaroo to one of the special needs classrooms in Roseburg. The students absolutely loved it!

Mrs. Shepherd would like to purchase panels to hold animals in when they are not being shown. The panels would make it easier and safer for her to show the animals, as well as making it possible for her to show more animals. The students always look forward to her animal events, and she hopes to keep the events going in the years to come.

This past Halloween, she was in charge of Elkton's fall costume carnival, which raised funds for the Elkton school district's Arts and Residents programs. The carnival was a huge success. Currently, she is leading Roseburg's 4-H program and has started a coat drive for children in need. Outside of school-related events, she brings her animals to retirement homes to make residents smile and lift their spirits. She hosts tea parties at her home, raises funds for the needy and is very involved with giving back to the community.

Mrs. Shepherd loves working with the rest of the maintenance crew. She shows her appreciation by making holiday dinners for them every year. Sometimes the district will have a work release inmate crew help the maintenance team. When this happens, she makes it a point to cook a nice meal for the inmate crew as well.

Sandie's main goal is to educate the children -- whether it's about animals, Native American heritage, or showing respect for everyone. Sandie has a positive influence on the lives of many people in the community.

KPIC: Roseburg Schools maintenance employee nominated for national award

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