Kristen Kicklighter

Position: English and Social Studies Teacher
School: Balfour Education Center
School District: Henderson County Public Schools
City, State: Hendersonville, North Carolina
About the Nominee: Mrs. Kicklighter is committed to student success. At the beginning of every school year, she tells her students that success is the only option, and then she spends every minute of the day making sure they meet the high expectations that she sets. She has been known to pay a student's light bill out of her own pocket, or buy shoes and other school supplies when she knows students can't afford them. Not only does Mrs. Kicklighter advocate for her students, she teaches them how to advocate for themselves. Her door is always open, and there isn't anything that students can't come to her with. Balfour Education Center's mission is to provide a quality educational experience to those students that have not found success in the traditional classroom setting. Mrs. Kicklighter strongly believes this mission. She believes all of her students are capable of being successful. She gives her students her very best, and in return, they give it back. [nominee_videos nominee_email=""]