Kathy Bosiak

Position: Science Teacher and Department Chairman
School: Lincolnton High School
School District: Lincoln County
City, State: Lincolnton, North Carolina
About the Nominee: Henry Brooks Adams once wrote, "a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." One example of an outstanding teacher whose positive influence never stops is, Ms. Kathy Bosiak. She has consistently shown herself to be an exemplary, educator, a leader in her curriculum field, and a model of compassion. At the beginning of each school year students are hoping they get Ms. Bosiak as a teacher. When she has a great teaching idea, she will always makes it happen by creating a learning event that will help both the students and community. Ms. Bosiak is always know for thinking outside the box; she is always open to new and fresh ideas to improve her teaching. Her lessons are always engaging and she brings real life issues to the classroom to further expand student learning. Colleagues are impressed and amazed with the material she has developed and inspired by her passion for teaching. Her altruism is understated, her skills in her trade are excellent and ever growing, and her care for all the members of the school community are clear and unmistakable. [nominee_videos nominee_email="kbosiak@lincoln.k12.nc.us"]