Justin Zoellick

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Clintonville Middle School
School District: Clintonville Public School District
City, State: Clintonville, Wisconsin
About the Nominee: Three years ago, Mr. Zoellick formed a group called the Wise Guys. Before this group, many students were in need of direction, motivation and guidance from someone they could trust and respect. Mr. Zoellick formed this group to help middle school boys grow to be respectful, kind and a positive member of the the community. Since starting the group three years ago, Mr. Zoellick has been able to reach over 100 young male students. Now the program has expanded into the Wis(r) Guys, which aims to get students involved with helping others and giving back to the community. Each year, the Wise(r) Guys have held appreciation dinners for special women in their lives with a video message for each guest; helped the local American Legion Post with flag retirement ceremonies; raked leaves for residents in the community; volunteered at the pantry every month; painted two floors of windows at the children's hospital, with the help of some high school students; handed out candy canes at the Christmas Parade with positive messages on the back of each one; cleaned a fitness trail in town; and played BINGO with residents at local retirement and rehab center. This year, each of the Wise(r) Guys have high school mentors from the 11th and 12 grades that participate in all the activities. They also meet every Wednesday, and often on weekends, to participate in group activities. As a founder of this group, Mr. Zoellick has influenced many lives, both of students and other members of the community. In addition to what these boys do for the community, Mr. Zoellick takes the group on longer projects in places like Chicago and Milwaukee, to give them the chance to experience new things. The Wise(r) Guys are known throughout the community for the amazing work they do, all of which is a reflection on Mr. Zoellick's dedication to them.

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