Jenny Granger

Position: Elementary Librarian
School: Emerson Elementary
School District: Snohomish School District
City, State: Snohomish, Washington
About the Nominee: Long-time Emerson Elementary school librarian Jenny Granger knew that students lose reading skill over the summer break and decided to do something about it. In 2012 she created summer reading program, that included having 'summer hours' at the school library, and the program has only grown since. In 2013, she partnered with Kids’ Café, a summer feeding program funded by the federal government and run by the Snohomish School District, to bring books directly to the students. In an old district van, Mrs. Granger hauled hundreds of books to Kids' Cafe' locations.

In 2014, with a group of family members and co-workers, Mrs. Granger retrofitted the inside of an old school bus to create a mobile library, complete with shelves and shelves of books. When Mrs. Granger pulls up, students can climb aboard and take as many books as they want. They can even keep the books, as long as they promise to read them. Every Tuesday during the summer, when she pulls up to one of her four locations, the kids are excited to see her and excited about reading.

Her welcoming hugs and warm smiles filled their hearts. The impact that her vision has had on the community is immeasurable. Mrs. Granger is a LifeChanger.