Eric Nordbeck

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: West Palms Conservatory
School District: Victor Elementary School District
City, State: Victorville, California
About the Nominee: This is Eric Nordbeck's second nomination for LifeChanger of the Year. Mr. Nordbeck was previously nominated in 2014. After receiving the LifeChanger of the Year Award last year, Eric Nordbeck continues to make an impact on every student he comes into contact with. He provides his students with an educational experience that goes beyond traditional academics. One of the ways he accomplishes this mission is by including bluegrass music in the students' daily education. He teaches them about everything from bluegrass music history to playing instruments, and he gives them opportunities to perform throughout various communities. Last year, his students performed on the main stage at the Route 66 Bluegrass Festival, a local music festival that Mr.Nordbeck co-founded. It was incredible to witness the amount of talent in his class!

In addition to bluegrass, Mr. Nordbeck continues to incorporate strong moral values into his lessons to help promote character development in his students. He makes a special point to instill in students honor, love and respect for our Veterans. Each year, he organizes a school-wide assembly including original songs, speeches, and music honoring veterans from across the Victor Valley. Hundreds of veterans and their families attend this assembly every November. Beyond his teaching, Mr. Nordbeck continues to serve as President of the Southwest Bluegrass Association. As an educator, he wants his students to understand how they are capable of making a difference in this world. He is an outstanding individual who continues to embody all of the qualities necessary to being a LifeChanger.

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