Sureka Taylor

Position: 7th Grade Science Teacher

School: The Champion School

School District: DeKalb County School District

City, State: Stone Mountain, GA

About the Nominee: When describing educators who make their subject come alive for all students, Mrs. Taylor is at the top of the list. Students that typically struggle in school, who have special needs, or who do not have an interest in school, beg to have Mrs. Taylor as their science teacher. Parents notice the joy and enthusiasm in their child's eyes when they discuss what they learned in science class. In addition to being a model teacher, Mrs. Taylor devotes her time by serving students as the Science Club sponsor and on the school's leadership team as the Race to The Top teacher facilitator. She is readily available to go the extra mile volunteering her time and services to make The Champion School the best school in the district. Without Mrs. Taylor, Champion would not have a science teacher for the summer boot camp program; Champion would not have a teacher that is rewarded with grant money to expand the Science program and experiences of students. Champion's Science Program would not be at the caliber it is today without Mrs. Taylor. Future scientists, biologists, doctors, researchers, and inventors are inspired each year by Mrs. Sureka Taylor.