Renee Banner

Position: Administrative Assistant

School District: Avery County Schools

City, State: Newland, North Carolina

About the Nominee: Renee Banner provides daily support to the staff and students being served by the Exceptional Children's Program and Pre-K Programs in Avery County Schools. However, what makes her such a LifeChanger in the community is the time she dedicates to teach the special needs students in our high school program. Mrs. Banner is an artist in the community and every year she volunteers to teach students weaving and other cultural arts. She develops a personal relationship with students, allowing them to trust her and learn the skills necessary to produce the woven products. Students gain self-confidence by producing something beautiful, useful, and profitable. Through her guidance and support, students are producing beautiful artwork that can be sold. Mrs. Banner is giving students the opportunity to develop job skills and keep an important part of local history alive!