Eva White

Position: Academic Manager

School District: Clark County School District

City, State: Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Nominee: Eva White has greatly impacted the lives of over a million people in her 30-year career in education. Wearing many hats over the years, Dr. White has worked with children who have learning disabilities, established a marine biology lab at McDoniel Elementary School, and even earned a Fulbright Scholarship to Japan, where she helped connect American and Japanese students as pen pals. As Director of Licensed personnel, she hired over 2,000 teachers a year for the nation’s 5th largest school district. Families would often visit Dr. White in Human Resources to thank her for going above and beyond her duties, helping them find housing or employment. Currently, she oversees 100 school administrators in over 30 schools that range 110 miles apart. At one at-risk site, she makes sure students have backpacks of food to take home on the weekends so the kids don’t go hungry. Dr. White always goes the extra mile, but the mile doesn’t end when the school day does; she teaches college classes at night to prospective educators, and then goes home to the two special needs children she adopted. Amazingly, she does this all with a smile. In June, Dr. White had the honor of handing the diplomas to the students graduating high school from her McDoniel Elementary days. As one student said, “You were with me to say hello on my first day of school and good-bye on my last day. I will never forget you.” Neither will many of the people whose lives Dr. White has touched.