Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a category below to find answers for some of our most frequently asked questions about LifeChanger of the Year. If you've gone through the page and find that your question hasn't been answered, please contact us.

▼ About the Program

Who can I nominate?

All K-12 public, private and charter school or school district employees are eligible for LifeChanger of the Year. Our LifeChangers are teachers, principals, administrators, nurses, custodians, cooks, librarians, bus drivers, parent liaisons, coaches, superintendents and counselors, just to name a few! They are the people in our schools who are making a positive difference for students.

When do nominations close?

Nominations for the Spotlight Award close on October 4th, 2019. Nominations for all other awards close on December 31st, 2019.

When are the winners selected? When are they announced?

Most winners will be selected at the beginning of 2020. After nominations close at the end of the year, our national selection committee, comprised of past LifeChanger of the Year winners and education professionals, will review the nominees to determine the Top 15 LifeChangers, Spirit Award winner, and members of the Honor Roll.

The Spotlight Award winner, however, will be selected and surprised at their school in the fall of 2019 with their award. All other winners will be surprised at their schools during Spring 2020. The top five Grand Prize finalists will be flown to the National LifeChanger of the Year Grand Prize Ceremony, which will be held in late April 2020 in Palm Beach, FL. You can learn more about our awards structure here.

I work as a school resource officer. Am I still eligible to win a LifeChanger of the Year Award, even if I don’t win the Spotlight Award?

Yes! All Spotlight Award nominations will be taken into consideration when determining our other winners.

Will I be notified if my LifeChanger is a winner?

Yes! If your LifeChanger is selected as a winner, you will be contacted before we surprise them at their school. We will also email you periodic updates throughout the award cycle. To help your LifeChanger become a LifeChanger of the Year winner, click here to learn how you can support their nomination.

▼ Nomination Process

Why wouldn’t my video upload?

Please make sure your video meets the following technical requirements:

  • Less than 500 MB
  • MP4 file type
  • Less than 2 minutes long

If your video meets the above requirements and you are still having trouble uploading it, please contact us.

I nominated a LifeChanger. Why aren’t they on the website?

Every eligible nominee will be celebrated on this website. However, we manually review every nomination and edit them for spelling/grammatical mistakes and privacy. This process can take a couple days. When nomination volumes are high (i.e., during the holidays and towards the end of the nomination period), the review process can take up to seven business days. This is one reason why we recommend you submit your nomination sooner rather than later! We appreciate your patience and can’t wait to help you recognize your LifeChanger.

Can I nominate someone, even if they were already nominated?

Absolutely! We recognize that one nomination doesn’t always encapsulate every way that a LifeChanger is making a positive impact on students. Please note, however, that only one profile will be made for each LifeChanger. We encourage you to comment on their profile so that others can see the impact your LifeChanger has made.

I included something about my LifeChanger in my nomination that isn’t on the website. Why is that?

We manually review every nomination and edit them before they are posted on the website. We primarily review nominations for spelling/grammatical mistakes, but we also reserve the right to modify or delete any details that contain sensitive information. This policy also applies for comments posted on a LifeChanger’s profile. For more information, please read our program rules.

If you have read through the rules and still feel that there is something particular about your LifeChanger that people should know, please contact us.

▼ Supporting Your LifeChanger

How can I support my LifeChanger?

There are many ways you can help us honor and recognize a LifeChanger. For example, you can visit your LifeChanger’s profile and leave a positive comment to tell them how they changed your life. Click here for more ideas!

Why is my comment not showing up?

We manually review and approve each comment before it is posted to the website to ensure all comments are positive and supportive and to safeguard against spam. This website is a place for recognition, appreciation and encouragement. We reserve the right to edit, shorten and move or delete any comment at our discretion.

What’s the difference between nominating a LifeChanger and commenting on their profile?

Nominating a school employee or teacher in your community is a great way to thank them for the hard work they have done. When you nominate someone, they become eligible to win the LifeChanger of the Year award. If the LifeChanger in your life has not already been nominated, you can nominate them here!

We encourage anyone who knows your LifeChanger to leave comments on their profile as a way to show support, share a story, congratulate or thank them for the great work they are doing. Comments are moderated, but the majority are made public. Although the comments section is meant primarily as a way for the community to express their appreciation, the comments will also be considered by the selection committee as examples of your LifeChanger’s commitment to the selection criteria.

What is the deadline for commenting on my LifeChanger's profile?

We do not have a set deadline - we never turn the comment feature off, and you can show your support at any time, even after the nomination period closes.

Where can I vote for a nominee?

You cannot “vote” for a nominee. Our winners are chosen by a national selection committee based on whether or not they meet the award criteria. We encourage you to leave a supportive comment on your LifeChanger’s profile - all comments will be taken into consideration by the committee.

Will comments posted on my LifeChanger’s profile increase their chances of winning?

Comments are a great way to tell your LifeChanger how much they mean to you, but they will also be taken into consideration by the selection committee as examples of the LifeChanger’s commitment to the following:

  • Making a positive impact in the lives of students
  • Enhancing their school or district’s atmosphere, culture and pride
  • Demonstrating exemplary leadership at the school and/or district level
  • Possessing a proven record of professional excellence
  • Showing commitment to building a nurturing environment that supports learning
  • Adhering to the highest moral and ethical standards

Comments are also one of many ways to show spirit, and will certainly be taken into account when the Spirit Award winner is selected. Click here to learn about more ways to support your LifeChanger.

▼ Information for Nominees

I'm a nominee who would like to change my profile picture. How do I do that?

Please click here to update your profile picture.

Do I need to do anything after I'm nominated?

Nope! Once your nomination has been verified, we will email you a link to your LifeChanger of the Year profile that you can share with friends, family, students - anyone who supports your nomination. If you'd like to provide additional information, we will send you a follow up email within a month of your profile being posted.

When will I receive my nominee certificate and poster?

In the fall of 2019, we will be mailing your nominee certificate and poster to your principal with instructions on how to celebrate your nomination. We mail certificates on a bi-monthly basis, so it may take a couple weeks before you receive your certificate. If you do not receive your certificate within a few weeks of your nomination, please contact us.

I was nominated for LifeChanger of the Year, but my profile has been deleted. Why is that?

We archived any nominations and comments submitted before the 2016-17 program. If you were nominated prior to the 2016-17 school year and are interested in reading your LifeChanger of the Year profile, please contact us.

In rare instances, we will remove the profile and/or comments of LifeChanger of the Year nominees that do not meet the program criteria. We reserve the right to edit, amend, modify, shorten or delete any profile and/or at our discretion. For more information, please read our program rules.