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We celebrated a few of our LifeChangers with The Today Show as part of their Toast to Teachers series! Learn about their amazing stories.

Lynn Barnes-Wallace & Dedra Patterson


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Our October newsletter, featuring a LifeChanger TEDx Talk, a call to action, and wonderful  #LCOY spirit!
October 2017

Happy Autumn!

Hello LifeChanger community! October’s an exciting month for many educators, from Homecoming events to Halloween activities. It’s busy for us, too – pretty soon, we’ll be surprising our Spotlight Award winner. We hope you have a few moments to catch up with us in our October newsletter!

Here's what you’ll find:

  • A TEDx Talk with 2016-17 LCOY Grand Prize Finalist Casey Bethel
  • A call to action from our 2016-17 Grand Prize winner Ana Rubio
  • Profiles on four incredible LifeChangers
  • Fantastic spirit from our LifeChanger community
  • The question of the month
And if you haven't had a chance this year, don't forget to nominate a LifeChanger!
LifeChanger of the Year winner Casey Bethel delivered an inspiring TED Talk about how public and private partnerships can spur student achievement in math and science. These partnerships empower students through real world experience that gives them greater confidence and understanding as they transition into adulthood. Check it out! 

Ana Rubio's Call to Action

As she often does, our 2016-17 LifeChanger of the Year Grand Prize winner Ana Rubio wowed the room with her energy and her passion at a recent women's conference.

"Her message was one that rang loud and clear: What are you doing to make your corner of the world better?" Her remarks were a call to action for those who care about education in urban America.

Read Ana's Message!

Check Out These LifeChangers:

Rev. James Davis
Ware Shoals, SC

In addition to driving Bus 8 for his school district, Reverend Davis plays a significant role in serving underprivileged youth in his community. An inspirational leader and a veteran, he has made school dropout prevention a focus of his community efforts. READ MORE

Melanie Lee
Birmingham, AL

Mrs. Lee handles auditions and admissions for a prominent arts school in Birmingham. Her work has helped thousands of students overcome challenges ranging from poverty to finding their place at school. READ MORE

Ryan Startz
San Jose, CA

Ms. Startz wows her students and their parents with her classroom's creative setup. Her room is separated by books, with spaces themed after Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, Shel Silverstein, and even fairy tale castles. Ryan is known for stepping up to take on her school's most challenging students. READ MORE

Cindy Boaz
Keller, TX

Ms. Boaz empowers students with disabilities through the local Special Olympics program. She also spends time with Our Father's Children, a local nonprofit dedicated to helping Children from abusive homes. READ MORE
With Halloween around the corner, it’s a spook-tacular time to rally behind your LifeChanger. Check out this awesome post made in support of LifeChanger nominee Robert Hubbard on social media!
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