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Brian Copes - Edutopia

Our 2017-18 Grand Prize Winner, Brian Copes, felt like a failure when he was in school. Today, he takes delight in unleashing his students’ creativity and problem-solving skills to engineer inexpensive solutions for real-world challenges. Find out more in his profile from Edutopia!



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January 2019

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For many educators, the month of January is a time of personal changes and fulfulling New Year's resolutions. For us, January brings one of the most rewarding, yet challenging parts of this program: narrowing hundreds of incredible nominations down to 15 winners. We're not doing it alone, though - we've got an incredible selection committee comprised of former LifeChanger winners and education professionals helping us.

We'll be surprising the winners at their schools beginning in late February, so stay tuned! In the meantime, catch up with us in our monthly newsletter.

In This Issue:

  • Find out what a former LifeChanger winner has been up to
  • Learn about a fundraiser being held by a former Grand Prize winner
  • Get some delicious ideas for showing #LCOY spirit
  • Meet four outstanding 2018-19 LifeChangers
  • The Question of the Month

Where Are They Now - Don Jackson

"My goal is for have a job that you want to have, and not a job that you have to have.”

That's what principal Don Jackson told his students, and it's one of the reasons why he was named a LifeChanger of the Year award winner for the 2016-17 school year. He starts every day with a motivational message that inspires students and colleagues alike. We caught up with him recently to find out what he's been up to, and how it feels to be a LifeChanger.
Meet Don Jackson

A Message from 2016-17 Grand Prize Winner Ana Rubio

Live in the Miami area? Want to celebrate amazing educators and students? Our 2016-17 Grand Prize winner, Ana Rubio, will be hosting the first annual Streamline Miami Foundation event this Friday, February 1st, 2019.

Ana created the Streamline Miami foundation to provide students in her community with incredible cultural opportunities. The proceeds from this event will be used to fund student field trips to local universities, art museums, and music festivals. 

RSVP below to sign up!
Learn About Ana's Event
We've got a pretty big appetite for LifeChanger spirit, which is why we were so excited when we found this incredible LifeChanger of the Year cake! This pineapple buttercream cake was made during the holiday season for Angela Brent-Harris, a kindergarten teacher from Florida. We want a piece!
Unfortunately, we don't have the recipe, but we DO have a ton of ideas for celebrating your LifeChanger. Click on the button below to get started. Don't forget - the nominee who receives the most support from their community will receive $5,000 to share with their school as part of the LifeChanger Spirit Award.
Support Your LifeChanger!

Check Out These LifeChangers

Gloria Pereyra-Robertson
Medford, OR

Teaching runs in Mrs. Pereyra-Robertson’s blood – she comes from a family of 20 teachers. Her parents passed down lessons to help her overcome discrimination, and she has taken it upon herself to learn her students’ native languages. Most recently, she learned Samoan and Tagalog!

Lori Kwee
Honolulu, HI

“What are you curious about?” That’s the simple question Mrs. Kwee asked her fourth grade class – and it led them to launch a campaign to save the critically endangered Vaquita porpoise. Her students raised money, designed t-shirts, wrote letters to policy makers, and even presented to the Hawaii Department of Education.

Lester Banks, Jr.
Bryan, TX

At Bryan High School, Mr. Banks is often the first person you see in the morning, and the last one at night – probably after he’s finished helping with concessions at a football game. Every student knows his big grin and booming voice singing Happy Birthday in the cafeteria. His presence is impossible to miss. READ MORE

Vernon Spruill
Fayetteville, NC

During his first few months as principal, Mr. Spruill’s quick actions kept his community safe during a school shooting. His dedication didn’t stop there. Mr. Spruill created Colts for Kids, a program to provide Christmas presents to deserving elementary and middle school students.
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