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Brian Copes - Edutopia

Our 2017-18 Grand Prize Winner, Brian Copes, felt like a failure when he was in school. Today, he takes delight in unleashing his students’ creativity and problem-solving skills to engineer inexpensive solutions for real-world challenges. Find out more in his profile from Edutopia!



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November 2018

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It's been a few days since the start of the holiday shopping season, and we want to know: what's on your list? If you're looking for a teacher or school employee gift, we'd like to suggest a LifeChanger of the Year nomination. From a special holiday picture frame to national recognition, it's the gift that keeps on giving. After nominating your LifeChanger, catch up with us in our November update.

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Where Are They Now - Coach Mike McEachern

LifeChangers are dedicated to making a positive impact on students' lives, no matter what. We caught up with a few former LifeChanger of the Year winners to learn about what they've been up to, and we'll be sharing their stories over the next few months, starting with Coach Mike McEachern. Follow our Instagram to find out what this Texas school athletic director has been up to since being named a LifeChanger of the Year Grand Prize winner.
Meet Coach Mac

Calling All LifeChangers: Summit on School Safety

LifeChangers are committed to creating a positive atmosphere, including a safe, healthy environment for students to learn and teachers to work. Unfortunately, school violence is having an increasingly negative, and often tragic, impact on our K-12 education system. Our 2017-18 Grand Prize Winner, Brian Copes, has joined with other teacher leaders from across the country to form the National Coalition for Safe Schools (NCSS). The mission of NCSS is to address and prevent school violence by providing teacher leaders and all school employees with the resources they need to proactively keep schools safe.

To launch this national movement, NCSS is hosting a Powered by Teach to Lead Summit in Birmingham, AL in March 2019. Sponsored by LifeChanger of the Year and National Life Group, the summit will bring together ground-level K-12 educators to share their voices, needs and ideas in order to develop proactive solutions to prevent and address school shootings. For more details, check out the NCSS website below. All applications to attend the summit are due on Friday, December 14th at 5 PM EST.
Apply for the Summit
Did you know that we mail a special certificate and poster to every nominee's school and district? Rally behind your LifeChanger by taking a picture of them with their goodies and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #LCOY. Check out some of the highlights below!
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Check Out These LifeChangers

Cynthia Martinez
Pharr, TX

Ms. Martinez isn't your average counselor; she works at the only school in the United States dedicated to helping teen mothers. She goes above and beyond, not only to help students graduate, but to ensure they have the financial resources they need to take care of their children.  READ MORE

Amy Seiber
Hayden, AL

Don't let the bee costume fool you - Ms. Seiber makes a big impact as an art teacher. Her students have traveled oversees and pursued careers as graphic designers, art therapists, and art professors. She also uses the TeachRock curriculum made by our partners, the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, to engage students and encourage their love for music. READ MORE

Keishia Thorpe
Bladensburg, MD

Ms. Thorpe immigrated to the U.S. after earning a college track and field scholarship. For the past 14 years, she has been helping undocumented and ESL students achieve their dreams. Her impact extends as far as the Bahamas, where she introduced Advanced Placement courses for the first time.  READ MORE

Steven Marinelli
Milton, VT

Since his arrival in MTSD, Mr. Marinelli has made big changes to the quality of food served. He created a farm to school program that offers high-quality lunches to students, including a salad bar and deli. He also runs cooking camps where students can learn about basic culinary skills and the food service industry! READ MORE
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Last month, as part of our partnership with the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, we asked you to tell us about three songs that represented your LifeChanger. Check out one of our favorite playlists below!

Lisa Thompson

Principal - St. Louis, MO

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