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Brian Copes - Edutopia

Our 2017-18 Grand Prize Winner, Brian Copes, felt like a failure when he was in school. Today, he takes delight in unleashing his students’ creativity and problem-solving skills to engineer inexpensive solutions for real-world challenges. Find out more in his profile from Edutopia!



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Your September Newsletter, featuring #LCOY spirit, passionate educators, a LifeChanger saving a former student's life, and more
September 2018

Happy Autumn!

We're off to the races with this year's program and have an exciting month coming up for you. School counselors who are nominated by October 5th will qualify for this year's Spotlight Award. For now, take a moment to enjoy these updates.

In This Issue:

  • A LifeChanger goes viral for saving his student's life
  • Local businesses rally behind their LifeChanger
  • Meet more of this year’s great LifeChanger of the Year nominees (and nominate one of your own)
  • The Question of the Month

A LifeChanger Donates Kidney to Former Student

Julio Vega, a middle school science teacher and LifeChanger from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is literally a life-saver. A few weeks ago, he donated his kidney to a former student, Bobby Seelman. For the last two years, Bobby spent 12-13 hours per day on dialysis, waiting for a kidney that would save his life. After Bobby's story was shared throughout his school, Mr. Vega had himself tested and discovered that he was a match.
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Looking for ways to rally behind your LifeChanger? "Lettuce" give you an idea: Larry Johnston, a brand ambassador at a local McDonald's franchise found a cool way to celebrate his LifeChanger, ELO coordinator Dean Graziano. We're lovin' it!
If you’re looking for more fun and creative ideas to celebrate your LifeChanger, we’ve got you covered. Click on the button below to get started! And don't forget to share the celebration with us by posting photos of all the fun on social media using the hashtag #LCOY. We can’t wait to see them!
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Check Out These LifeChangers

Wanda Parks
Villa Rica, GA

Ms. Parks is a computer lab instructor who organized a school-wide art contest for students to design the next "Top Alien" avatar for the Education Galaxy teaching software. The new two-headed "Top Alien," was named the Space Titan, and will be used by all Education Galaxy users nationwide in 2018-19. READ MORE

Dona Mitchell
Lancaster, TX

Ms. Mitchell is a Truancy Coordinator who has become a trailblazer for her community's poor and underprivileged. She recently partnered with local grocery stores to host a water drive called Project Under, with the goal of reducing the rate of heat stroke among Lancaster's homeless population. READ MORE

Xochitl Gilkeson
Woodland Hills, CA

Ms. Gilkeson is an English teacher who has pioneered the development of environmental literacy curriculum throughout the Los Angeles area. She recently visited Japan as part of the US-Japan Fulbright Educating for Sustainable Development summer exchange for teachers. READ MORE

Elizabeth Wayne
Rock Island, IL

Ms. Wayne is a special education teacher who took a special interest in her nominator's son, Fred, helping him to overcome his intellectual disabilities and learn how to read. She's also active on campus, helping around the school with painting, event planning and a student recycling program. READ MORE
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Starting next month, we will be partnering with a terrific non-profit that helps schools to incorporate music into the classroom. More details to come. 

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