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Your April newsletter featuring the LifeChanger Spirit Award, tips for staying positive at work, and more amazing winners,
April 2018

Hi Everybody!

It’s hard to believe this school year is wrapping up so soon! The last of our LifeChanger winner announcements are just around the corner, and we're about to launch our 2018-19 LifeChanger of the Year program.  

In a few weeks, we’ll be taking this year’s top five Grand Prize Finalists to Bermuda for some fun in the sun, where the Grand Prize Winner will be revealed! For now, check out some of our winners’ stories on our website, and take a moment to enjoy this update. 

This month's newsletter includes:

  • The 2017-18 Spirit Award announcement
  • Our latest article from the Main Street Blog
  • Profiles of outstanding LifeChanger of the Year Prize Winners
  • The Question of the Month
Where to begin. The amount of spirit and love that Gallatin, Tennessee demonstrated in support of LifeChanger Spirit Award Winner David Collins was simply extraordinary.  To be honest, we’ve not seen anything to this degree before, but we sure hope to see more of it in the future. Mr. Collins is retiring after more than 40 years teaching in Gallatin, and his community banded together over the past few months to thank him and celebrate his LifeChanger of the Year

They threw a massive parade in his honor, held a social media contest over the holidays, and organized an aerial #LCOY photo with the local fire department. One day, his students all went to school dressed as their favorite teacher. 

And then there was the celebration itself.
On the day we arrived, the first thing we noticed were all the local businesses decked out with "We love David Collins #LCOY” banners. He arrived by police escort, and was given a key to the city and a book full of letters from former students. A State Senator, State Representative and the Mayor all issued proclamations in his honor. Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown officially declared April 6th "David Collins Day". After his LifeChanger award was announced, the music class sang songs in his honor. His students were front and center for the event, and many brought David Collins masks and "We love Mr. Collins" signs.

The best part of the event happened at the end: after more than 1000 people showed up on a rainy, windy day to honor him, a huge line of people gathered to individually thank him for changing their lives. Wow!
Learn More About David!

Staying Positive When the Job Gets Tough

After a particularly difficult morning,  Brooke Kaldor, a school guidance counselor and LifeChanger from Altoona, WI, was dreading her upcoming work day. "I contemplate taking the day off and regrouping. I know people would understand. My other option is to walk into my place of work, put a smile on my face, and get busy doing the work that I love," Kaldor said. By the end of the school day, she had a little hop in her step. 
Read Brooke's Story

Meet More LifeChanger Prize Winners!

Jemel Floyd
Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Floyd has shown an incredible commitment to young people in his community. As a coach and a mentor, he sparks students' passion and helps them overcome adversity in their neighborhoods and at home. On the weekends, he works with kids who have fallen into gangs. 800 people joined us to celebrate Mr. Floyd's incredible efforts.  READ MORE

Brian Copes
Alabaster, AL

Brian Copes knows his students can do anything they put their minds to. They have traveled to Latin America to build computer labs and utility vehicles, and they create affordable prosthetic legs out of recycled automotive parts. Mr. Copes once entered his students into a collegiate engineering contest and won. We held an awesome surprise event for Mr. Copes in his school lobby with students and colleagues. READ MORE

Melissa Lovejoy
Elkview, WV

Ms. Lovejoy came through in a crisis when flooding struck the Elkview community and neighboring schools. She worked with nonprofits, businesses and community partners to gather donations from the school gymnasium.
Ms. Lovejoy expected a faculty meeting when she entered her school media center. Instead, we surprised her with $3,000. READ MORE

Michelle Campbell
Carsonville, MI

Michelle Campbell is a creative teacher who works with students who don't usually thrive in a traditional classroom. She's an expert at tackling bullying and creating a safe space for her students to learn. Ms. Campbell was shocked when we announced her award at an in-school assembly with more than 200 students and colleagues present. READ MORE
We're constantly looking for new and better ways to engage our wonderful LifeChanger community. With the 2017-18 Program coming to a close, we want your feedback.  What can we do to improve the LifeChanger experience for future nominees?