Zach Graupner

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher

School: Plano Elementary School

School District: Warren County Schools

City, State: Bowling Green, Kentucky

About the Nominee: A LifeChanger should be an individual that goes above and beyond for every student, every day. Zach Graupner does just that, both inside and outside of the classroom. Not only does he help his students learn content, but he also helps them learn the importance of being kind, respectful and understanding. He teaches students the importance of trying your best, and that it's okay to make mistakes because that's when you learn. Mr. Graupner provides and maintains a nurturing, accepting atmosphere in his classroom to maximize student learning. Furthermore, he always goes the extra mile for his students, whether that means providing extra help for a student that's struggling with content or attending a student's extracurricular activity on his own free time. He truly cares for his students and supports them in all that they do. He makes it a priority to get to know each one of his students and what's personally important to them. Mr. Graupner also tries to get to know the students' parents/guardians so that he can establish and maintain good communication in order to help their children achieve maximum success in his classroom. It's important that parents and guardians are aware of what's going on in their child's classroom and school, and Mr. Graupner strives to make sure everyone is on the same page. In conclusion, Mr. Graupner gives 110% every day with a smile and positive attitude. He is a LifeChanger for his school and community.

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