William Waterman

Position: School-to-Careers Counselor

School: Bridgeton High School

School District: Bridgeton Public Schools

City, State: Bridgeton, New Jersey

About the Nominee: William Waterman was nominated by his superintendent, Thomasina Jones. Mr. Waterman is a LifeChanger in Bridgeton Public Schools because of his perseverance, passion and persistence. In the spring of 2016, he was responsible for 23 Bridgeton High School freshmen receiving full, four-year scholarships, which were an unprecedented gift from the Give Something Back Foundation. Mr. Waterman was instrumental in paving the way for these 23 recipients. Upon graduation from Bridgeton High School, these freshmen will be afforded the opportunity to acquire a debt-free bachelor's degree from Rowan University, Montclair State University, The College of New Jersey or Saint Peter's University.

The dedicated work of Mr. Waterman opens a door for many students whose idea of attending college was only a dream. His work also relieves a heavy financial burden for the scholarship recipients and their families. Throughout his 20-year tenure as a counselor, Mr. Waterman has advocated for thousands of BHS students in their quest for employment. Additionally, he organizes regular community clean-up projects, delivers Thanksgiving baskets to appreciative families, and so much more. Mr. Waterman has changed the lives of countless Bridgeton High School students!

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