Vonda Brown

Position: Seventh and Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher

School: Kendrick Middle School

School District: Clayton County Public Schools

City, State: Jonesboro, Georgia

About the Nominee: Vonda Brown was nominated by a colleague, Chelsae Knight. Ms. Brown is a LifeChanger in her community because she truly loves what she does! Her passion for teaching is exemplified not only in her teaching, but in her willingness to go above and beyond outside of the classroom. Ms. Brown spends her time ensuring that students are loved and cared for, and that their academics are enriched. She always goes the extra mile to ensure students receive quality academics, and she pushes them to go further than they ever think they can. She is not only a mentor to students, but to her colleagues, as well.

There isn't a soul in Kendrick Middle School that doesn't know the awesome Ms. Brown. She makes it a point to ensure that teachers are well-equipped and successful within their own classes, even going as far as taking her own time to come and observe a fellow teacher and offer feedback. Ms. Brown is so much more than a colleague; she's a friend, a counselor, a listening ear and a guiding hand, and she definitely always has an open door policy. She'll tell it like it is when it's needed, but she'll also be softer if she needs to. This phenomenal teacher has been a blessing to her school, students, faculty, community and so much more!

Ms. Brown's nominator, Chelsae Knight, had the privilege of interning under her and being guided by her. Chelsae knows first hand all of the amazing skills, time, and help Ms. Brown offers to those around her. This year, Chelsae feels even more fortunate to get to work with her as a colleague and continue to grow under her awesome LifeChanging guidance. Ms. Brown is Chelsae's LifeChanger, Kendrck's LifeChanger and an all around LifeChanger!

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