Victor de los Santos


Position: Band Instructor

School: Santa Ana High School

School District:Santa Ana Unified School District

City, State: Santa Ana, California

About the Nominee: Victor de los Santos was nominated by his colleague, Joseph Kaye.

Victor de los Santos is a gifted and brilliant teacher who goes above and beyond for his students and others. As the director of bands at Santa Ana High School, Mr. Santos already takes on a healthy amount of school-wide teaching and organizing responsibilities. He executes this job marvelously. In addition to running a very efficient and enriching program, Mr. Santos goes the extra mile by providing leadership in organizing district level events and festivals.

The amount of lives touched by Mr. Santos is unbelievable at times. Not only does he have an influence on the 200+ students enrolled in the SAHS Band Program, but he indirectly has a positive effect on students' families, other teachers, and community members. SAHS staff say that he is a caring and nurturing band director who is willing to spend countless hours at school preparing for lessons, organizing events and counseling students - not just in music, but in life. As a result of his dedication and extreme altruism, he has made a beneficial difference in the lives he has touched.

As a dedicated professional, Mr. Santos is always concerned about the spirit and welfare of the students and the school's overall atmosphere. He not only provides spirited performances for assemblies and pep rallies, but he also makes himself and student ensembles available for special events such as holidays, birthdays, special acknowledgements, and a host of various other unique requests. Any time there is a celebration, Mr. Santos and his musicians are always called upon to increase spirit and create a positive atmosphere. He does this to help provide a school climate that is inclusive and engaging for all.

Mr. Santos has proven himself to be a genuine leader, not only on the high school campus, but at the district level as well. Through a plethora of music festivals, honor band events and curriculum planning, Mr. Santos commits himself to the district's needs. He is also humble in putting other schools' needs before his own.

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