Veronica Wilson

Position: Third Grade Teacher

School: SOAR Charter Academy

School District: San Bernardino City Unified School District

City, State: San Bernardino, California

About the Nominee: Veronica Wilson was nominated by a colleague, Kristin Kraus. Mrs. Wilson started teaching third grade in 2012 at SOAR Charter Academy. From the moment she arrived in the school's office to sub in 2011, her presence was caring and inspiring to students and has made her a LifeChanger at the school. Because of these characteristics, she was hired in 2012 and hit the ground running. She has built a model of teamwork and excellence with her team and created an environment within her classroom where all students can excel.

Mrs. Wilson also believes that expectations come from within yourself before you can have those expectations of students. Over the past year, she made a change in her lifestyle to make a habit of healthy living through exercise and eating. She shares this with her students by spending recesses interacting with them and showing them that they can be successful in anything they put their mind to. She practices what she preaches, and the students want to meet her expectations. This is demonstrated in their recent test scores and their kind and energetic ability to please their teacher and be the best that they can be.

Mrs. Wilson has also become a LifeChanger by being an influential leader on SOAR's campus. Last year, she took it upon herself and worked with group of other staff to create a huge environmental change on campus through a Leader in Me program. She, along with other peers, attended professional development to spearhead this program on campus. This year, SOAR has made that change in environment. She continues to be a leader in creating positive change in SOAR's learning environment and is a part of the leadership team that makes this program a success.

Mrs. Wilson believes that teaching is an ongoing learning experience and tries to do better for her students every day. She is open to trying new things and learning how to best teach her students. Mrs. Wilson creates lessons that are very hands-on and interactive to engage her students and help them become life-long learners. She is a role model for other teachers, even this early in her career, and her colleagues cannot wait to see how she continues to "SOAR" into an amazing teacher year-after-year.