Veronica Bravo

Position: Instructional Coach - Math & Science

School: Ebby Halliday Elementary School

School District: Dallas Independent School District

City, State: Dallas, Texas

About the Nominee: Veronica Bravo was nominated by Maria Teresa G. Pedroche, a member of the community. Mrs. Bravo is an inspirational, life-changing bilingual instructional coach and teacher. For the past 16 years, she has provided effective, engaging instruction to students and adults alike. She has inspired students from diverse populations to reach for the stars. She mentors both new and veteran math and science teachers and creates an atmosphere where they can develop their skills. Mrs. Bravo works diligently with leaders in the city of Dallas and the USA by inviting them to get involved in career days and other programs. Her dedication and passion is a win-win for everyone! Highlights of her experience include being a professional development coordinator, instructional coach, instructional mentor to new and veteran teachers, facilitator for community ESL and adult literacy courses, leading the Initiation of New Teachers Training Program, assisting in the development of a Campus Improvement Plan, serving as a workshop presenter for parents and being a bilingual instructor. She has been acknowledged for her dedication and passion to education. Mrs. Bravo is always learning and wanting to help her community. As a result, she is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Education with a specialty in Adult Learning and Workforce. She is a LifeChanger because of her leadership and transformational work in her community.

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