Valerie Glueck

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher

School: Williams Elementary School

School District: RSU 18

City, State: Oakland, Maine

About the Nominee: Valerie Glueck was nominated by her principal, Kathy Harris-Smedberg. Ms. Glueck is the consummate professional. Any student can be placed in her class and she will warmly welcome, guide, nurture and challenge them based on their demonstrated abilities. She actively engages students by providing a wide range of modes and modalities, while also pushing them to achieve more than they thought possible. Ms. Glueck has worked with students who have faced challenges in the past, but she has always found success with them. The students love being her class, despite knowing that they will work hard and be stretched. Parents appreciate her candor and honesty, knowing that their children have a strong advocate. Ms. Glueck is also a teacher leader at Williams Elementary, helping her peers become stronger teachers. She participates in activities outside of class which aid students, including the PTA, volunteering at student events and after school activities. Ms. Glueck loves children, and it shows in her words and actions. She is truly an advocate for all children and gives herself tirelessly to help them succeed!

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