Unison Goody Colthurst

Position: Chorus Teacher

School: La Mesa Arts Academy

School District: La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools

City, State: La Mesa, California

About the Nominee: Unison Goody Colthurst was nominated by Hawley Woods. Mrs. Goody is an excellent role model for her students. She brings out the best in them by connecting them with music. Mrs. Goody has helped several students who were heading down the wrong path. She has used music to connect with students, whether it's a rap song or a musical at the school. Her students are living examples of how one teacher can make a difference.

Mrs. Goody always makes sure she is doing her part on campus. She has raised money for families that are less fortunate and has been an advocate for several students who were believed to be homeless. This year, she is coordinating a program where others can sponsor a family for the holidays to provide them with dinner and goodwill for Thanksgiving. She has also been a part of sponsoring families during Christmas to make sure students in her district do not go without a simple gift.

Mrs. Goody is a true hero to her students and staff. She has a positive attitude and makes a difference everyday through music!