Trichita Townes

Position: Instructional Assistant School: Columbus Downtown High School

School District: Columbus City Schools

City, State: Columbus, Ohio

About the Nominee: Trichita Townes was nominated by Robert Hearns, a member of her community.

Ms. Townes is a very special instructor. Her job title is Instructional Assistant, but the students call her "Mama Townes." She has taught students for 45 years and has been around long enough to see her students become principals and other leaders in the community. Many former students have said that they have never forgotten her. She can easily retire, but she says that she won't because she loves her children. As an example, one of her former students, S. Taylor wrote "Our children love and appreciate you! We need more devoted and caring workers like you within our school systems. Continue to educate, inspire and empower as many students as possible." Her community is blessed to have her in their lives!

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