Tracey Lowder

Position: Principal

School: Pioneer High School

School District: Ann Arbor Public Schools

City, State: Ann Arbor, Michigan

About the Nominee: Tracey Lowder was nominated by a colleague, Linda Shill. Ms. Shill has over 30 years of classroom experience in three states, working under many different administrators. Mr. Lowder is the epitome of a consummate leader and an exemplary high school administrator. He is knowledgeable, caring, considerate, understanding and positive. He understands his student population and is personally aware of their needs and issues. Mr. Lowder is very supportive of staff and is exemplary in his professionalism. He is visible and involved. He cares about his school, not just in terms of how it looks to the public, but how it functions.

Pioneer is a premier high school that has a diverse student body and a positive atmosphere. There is respect and discipline. Students are engaged in their learning. This is due to Mr. Lowder's inspirational leadership, which sets the tone. He is responsible for the inspiration that motivates students and staff. Teachers want to teach at Pioneer and work with Mr. Lowder. Ms. Shill states that she's very fortunate to work at Pioneer because of his leadership. For example, she had a student whose family was evicted. Mr. Lowder ensured that this student received Free and Reduced breakfast and lunch, and that the family received services so that they could survive. This is only one example out of the many ways Mr. Lowder has changed lives in his community!

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