Tommy Calais

Position: Director of Student Activities, Theology Teacher

School: St. Agnes Academy

School District: Private

City, State: Houston, Texas

About the Nominee: Tommy Calais was nominated by a colleague, Becky Rushing. Mr. Calais is one of the most creative people one could ever meet. His goal is to create a school community where all are welcome and feel included. He does this masterfully as Director of Student Activities, specifically as the Student Council Advisor, but also as a teacher, colleague and friend.

In his eight year tenure, St. Agnes' Student Council (StuCo) has grown from 65 to 275 members. He also teaches a leadership class that any student can elect to take, not just members. StuCo starts the year off with 275 active members and will end the year with 275. Mr. Calais sets the bar high, and the students rise to that level of commitment, service and leadership. He incorporates fun into his school community. He is also active in State Leadership in District 13 and serves as a curriculum consultant where he can share his gifts and experience with all schools. Mr. Calais is the perfect example of a LifeChanger. Many students write their college essays about him and how he has affected their lives.

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