Tina Nightingale

Position: School Counselor School: Young School

School District: Saco School District

City, State: Saco, Maine

About the Nominee: Tina Nightingale was nominated by her principal, Peter Harrison.

Tina Nightingale is the school counselor for students attending Young School in Saco, Maine. She has made a profound, positive difference in the quality of life experienced by members of the Young School community. Mrs. Nightingale is a teacher-leader; she serves as co-chair of the Young School Response To Intervention Team, a member of the Data Team and facilitator of the Learning Community Support System. She is careful to balance her many responsibilities, including classroom-based counseling, small group and individual counseling, family support and guidance, interconnecting services with external community mental health care partners and supporting colleagues in the design and implementation of social development and/or behavior plans. Mrs. Nightingale is a life-long learner, pursuing additional coursework that provides her with a deep understanding of the most contemporary evidence-based best practices. She is nominated with pleasure as a LifeChanger in Saco, Maine.

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