Tiffany Runia

Position: Science and Physical Education Teacher / Head Volleyball Coach

School: Estelline High School

School District: Estelline School District #28-2

City, State: Estelline, South Dakota

About the Nominee: This is the second year Tiffany Runia has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. She was previously nominated in 2015-16. Ms. Runia is a role model to many people. One reason why she is so adored is because she always puts others first. She has a positive attitude that can make anyone's day better, and she has the gift of making people feel special. Ms. Runia is also a problem-solver. She is always concerned about the feelings of others and will take time out of her day to help in any way she can. Ms. Runia touches many lives with her beautiful soul and is a definite LifeChanger in her community.

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