Tiffany Lange

Position: Honors British Literature Teacher School: East Paulding High School

School District: Paulding County School District

City, State: Dallas, Georgia

About the Nominee: Tiffany Lange was nominated by a former student, Myah Brewer.

According to Ms. Brewer, out of the 12 years she's been in school, Ms. Lange is the teacher who's had the biggest impact on her life. Walking into an Honors British Literature class her senior year, Ms. Brewer didn't know what to expect. As soon as Ms. Lange started expressing her theatrical personality and her passion for books, Ms. Brewer knew she was just where she needed to be! More importantly, Ms. Lange helped her get out of her comfort zone throughout the year. She gave her that little push to speak out, embrace who she was and to not hide herself behind someone else's opinion. Ms. Lange's class had very in-depth discussions about morals and what's going on in the world that made everyone in the class really dig deep into their inner thoughts, which is a critical learning ability. Not only did Ms. Lange have her students learn about Shakespeare and write essays, but she really inspired them to get the gears turning in their heads and process who they were as individuals. She is a perfect example of a teacher who truly cares and wants to see her students succeed, not only inside of the classroom, but in life!

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