Terice Ketelhut

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher

School: Miller Elementary School

School District: Miller School District

City, State: Miller, South Dakota

About the Nominee: Mrs. Ketelhut has made a world of difference in the lives of students, including her nominator's child. Her nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that their child struggled through the first quarter of fourth grade, partially because of their own actions. During this time, Mrs. Ketelhut chose not to give up, and she stuck with them. Through her dedication, her nominator's child has started to turn their school year around due to her attention and willingness to keep working with them. While Mrs. Ketelhut is firm with her discipline, her nominator's child thoroughly enjoys being in her class and strives for her approval. She has helped them stay away from what potentially could have been a dark path, and her nominator will forever be grateful.

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