Terese Cowell

Position: Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

School: Spreckels Elementary School

School District: San Diego Unified School District

City, State: San Diego, California

About the Nominee: Terese Cowell is a perfect transitional kindergarten teacher because she is loving, warm and fun. She's the perfect teacher for a student who is just starting their journey into schooling. She knows how to make her students feel comfortable, but still pushes them to learn and grow. Ms. Cowell comes from a family that values education - she and her husband are both public school teachers. Ms. Cowell makes her job as a teacher look effortless. She's also a loving mother to teenage twin daughters, a son who made the All American team for high school football and an adult daughter who is pursuing her dream job at Pixar. Mr. Comwell is a LifeChanger to her family and community.

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