Teresa Genovese

Position: Freshmen Algebra Teacher, Cheer Team Volunteer

School: Joliet Central High School

School District: Joliet Township High School District 204

City, State: Joliet, Illinois

About the Nominee: Teresa Genovese was nominated by a colleague, Mary Spata. Ms. Genovese has been teaching math at Joliet Central for the past seven years. She is someone who helps her students excel, both academically and personally. She's the reason that some students show up to school on difficult days. Ms. Genovese demonstrates to her students that she cares about their education, insecurities and problems. Most importantly, her students know she's there to support them.

Ms. Genovese is a role model. Past students come back to visit her and seek her advice. She doesn't fit into only one category of teachers. She keeps her class in order, yet manages to make it fun at the same time. Ms. Genovese is always available for academic and personal help. She tries hard to teach her students to appreciate the little things, to never judge and to be happy about who they are and what they can accomplish. Coaches ask her to provide special help for their athletics. As she does this, she assists students with scholarship requirements that have truly paid off.

Ms. Genovese is not only a LifeChanger because of her incredible teaching abilities, but because she makes a difference in many students' lives. She shows students that hard work pays off, and that they should never give up. These lessons will continue to have an effect on students throughout their lives.

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