Tawana Akins

Position: Third Grade Teacher

School: Holmes Elementary School

School District: Miami-Dade County Public Schools

City, State: Miami, Florida

About the Nominee: Tawana Akins was nominated by her child, Shaprell Aaron. Many people call on Ms. Akins for help. Many people adore her work in the classroom and community. Many people look up to her to save the world. Shaprell looks up to her and calls her mom.

Ms. Akins is a pillar in her community and workplace. She is the Math Coach at a public school, where she works closely with about 500 students. Ms. Akins created a Math Lab for the students and goes inside classrooms to coach students and show them how to improve their math skills. She spends a lot of her personal money buying supplies and food for the students. She also uses real world problems to promote critical thinking in her students. Additionally, she coaches 22 teachers to help them become better at their craft.

In her community, Ms. Akins is an activist who speaks out about violence against children. She has faced many challenges, but she remains strong and makes others feel strong, including Shaprell. In short, Ms. Akins is an amazing LifeChanger!