Tennyson Draney

Position: Spanish Teacher

School: Mountain View High School

School District: Uinta County School District #4

City, State: Mountain View, Wyoming

About the Nominee: Tennyson Draney was nominated by his principal, Ben Carr. Mr. Draney represents what is great about teaching. He is passionate about teaching Spanish, and he works to have students constantly moving and speaking Spanish. He is highly regarded by students and staff, and he cares about students down to the individual level. It is not uncommon for some of the most at-risk students to be the most tuned into "Profe's Class."

Mr. Draney is active in coaching, taking on a new role this year as head basketball coach. Like all coaches, Mr. Draney cares deeply about his athletes. Instead of teaching them life lessons during practice, he leads by example. He is calm, patient and caring. He takes the time to visit with students at every opportunity.

Anyone who wants to know what good instruction is should spend a mere five minutes in Mr. Draney's classroom. They will know that he wants students to leave his classroom prepared for the next level, but also that he cares.

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Kerri Flammang

Position: Third Grade Teacher School: Mills Elementary School

School District: Natrona School District

City, State: Mills, Wyoming

About the Nominee: Kerri Flammang has been a teacher for 14 years at Mills Elementary School, where she has helped establish a culture that supports and honors everyone. Mills is a small Title 1 school that has a high population of homeless, foster care, and at-risk youth. Mrs. Flammang reaches out to these students and more, not just the students assigned to her third grade classroom. Students continue to come back long after they have left Mills to see her.

Mrs. Flammang is always the first one to step forward and show everyone the importance of giving to others when there is a major life crisis. She has been known to ask bus drivers go to a student's house to pick them up for an early morning field trip if the student doesn't have an adult to bring them to school. If there is a tragedy in a student's family, she is the first to step in and provide support to make the situation easier. If there is a personal crisis within the school staff, Mrs. Flammang will lead the staff team and say, "You take care of you. We've got this!" She goes above and beyond for everyone in the small Mills community. Because of her leadership and impact, students have been able to get food, clothing and a safe place to call home. Mrs. Flammang is a humble, quiet hero and a LifeChanger to many!

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