South Carolina

Norma Brown

Position: Marketing Teacher

School: Spring Hill High School

School District: Lexington-Richland County School District 5

City, State: Chapin, South Carolina

About the Nominee: Norma Brown was nominated by a friend, Sherry Rivers. Ms. Brown is the epitome of a LifeChanger in her community. A community is defined in different ways and varies depending on your frame of reference. Ms. Brown's community includes family, friends, students, church members and neighbors. Her love and passion for helping others allows her to improve the quality of life for everyone with whom she interacts. She has an amazing ability to discern the needs of other people, even when no one else can. It's easy to wonder how she does everything she does!

Several times a month, Ms. Brown drives more than an hour to take care of her elderly father and uncle. She visits sick people in their homes, hospitals and nursing homes, and she prays with them for their strength. She also spends time with her elderly mentors by visiting them, taking them to dinner and providing other meaningful activities. Ms. Brown is loyal to her friends, who often seek her wisdom on various topics. She teaches Sunday School to adults and Bible Study to teenagers, and she organized a special monthly worship service for teenagers called Teen Church. One of her greatest passions is serving as director of Young Women of Excellence, a group at her church that mentors girls in grades 1-12. And all of this is voluntary!

For the past 35 years, Ms. Brown has been a high school marketing teacher, where she has changed the lives of thousands of students. She finds the best in every student and helps them to develop self-confidence and determination to strive for their goals. She not only teaches the subject matter, but she teaches life skills and ethical values through her actions and expectations. Ms. Brown shows students that the world does not revolve around them; there are people who struggle every day just to have the bare essentials. She instills the importance of reaching out to others in her students by incorporating service learning into the curriculum. Every year, she takes her marketing students to DECA competitions, where they win at the state and national levels. There is no doubt that Ms. Brown's purpose in life is the make life better for others. She's an amazing LifeChanger in her community.

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Tee Farr

Position: Assistant Principal (Students with Last Names from F-K)

School: Union County High School

School District: Union County Schools

City, State: Union, South Carolina

About the Nominee: Tee Farr was nominated by a colleague, R. Rogers. Mr. Farr is a great person and educator. This is his first year as an administrator after serving several years as a history teacher and in the US military. He has consistently proven the type of administrator he would be: hard-working and hands-on. Mr. Farr gives his students his best, each and every day!

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Regina Parker

Position: Third Grade Math and Science Teacher

School: Brunson-Dargan Elementary School

School District: Darlington County School District

City, State: Darlington, South Carolina

About the Nominee: Regina Parker is the epitome of what a great teacher is. You see, Mrs. Parker knows about math and science, but what she knows best is the love of students. Mrs. Parker takes in every new student with no preconceived thoughts of them. She accepts them for who they are and teaches them that they can be anything they want to be. Mrs. Parker truly loves her students first and foremost, and because of that, her students excel because they appreciate the love she shows! Her students want to be the best they can be because Mrs. Parker believes they can!

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Deanna Grubbs

Position: Montessori Teacher

School: Barnwell Primary School

School District: Barnwell School District 45

City, State: Barnwell, South Carolina

About the Nominee: When you walk into Mrs. Grubbs' room, you will find that everyone is engaged in a learning environment. Her way of handling things is always fair and clear to all students. She makes each student feel important and heard. She is also an amazing teacher whose passion for teaching is evident in the way she makes learning a fun and positive experience. It can be challenging to teach younger children; it's either an exciting or difficult adjustment for many students. However, you would never know this, as Mrs. Grubbs always greets students and parents with a smile every school day. Teachers like her help build a foundation for lifelong learning!

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Susan Frazier

Position: Second Grade Teacher

School: Barnwell Primary School

School District: Barnwell School District 45

City, State: Barnwell, South Carolina

About the Nominee: Being a positive person is not an easy task. Being a positive teacher is even harder, but staying positive when it’s tough can have such a tremendous impact on the students and everyone around them. Mrs. Frazier always has a smile on her face and something sweet to say! She is an asset to her school and community. Her nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that their child loves going to school and absolutely loves Mrs. Frazier's class. When their child has struggled, Mrs. Frazier has made sure that they gets the extra help they need. Mrs. Frazier's students have learned so many things from her, and that makes her a LifeChanger!

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