Rayna Palmer

Position: Secretary/Parent Coordinator

School: Roosevelt Elementary School

School District: Port Huron Area School District

City, State: Port Huron, Michigan

About the Nominee: Rayna Palmer was nominated by her principal, Chris Johnson. Throughout his 20 year career as an educator, Mr. Johnson has had the opportunity to work with many exceptional people. These people have demonstrated a true passion for students and education. Ms. Palmer, without a doubt, is at the top of his list of dedicated professionals who make a difference. As Roosevelt Elementary's secretary and parent coordinator, Ms. Palmer is the face of her school. She is not only a fixture within her school and district, but a leader within the community, as well. Ms. Palmer goes above and beyond the call of duty and provides learning opportunities to parents. She finds resources for struggling families and takes the lead on community outreach, such as providing holiday gifts and meals for her school's neediest of families. Ms. Palmer does all this with a smile on her face and without asking or expecting anything in return. Her passion for the students and families in her community is contagious and radiates throughout her school. Ms. Palmer is most definitely a LifeChanger!

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Christi O'Neil

Position: Principal

School: Columbia Upper Elementary

School District: Columbia School District

City, State: Brooklyn, Michigan

About the Nominee: Christi O'Neil was nominated by her superintendent, Pamela Campbell. Mrs. O'Neil has been a leader in the Columbia School District for years. A graduate of Columbia Central High School herself, she arrives bright and early each morning with a true Golden Eagle positive spirit! She worked in her district as a counselor before becoming a principal five years ago.

Mrs. O'Neil's leadership was essential as the district proposed and passed a $30 million bond issue that renovated and updated every building in the district. As an educational leader, Mrs. O'Neil shows a caring attitude as she focuses on making a difference for each individual learner on a daily basis.

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Daniel Hyliard

Position: Principal

School: Columbia Central High School

School District: Columbia School District

City, State: Brooklyn , Michigan

About the Nominee: Daniel Hyliard was nominated by his superintendent, Pamela Campbell. Mr. Hyliard changes lives on a daily basis with his positive attitude and leadership activities. Since taking the principal's position four years ago, his emphasis on academics has resulted in many awards for Columbia Central High School, including two bronze medallions and one silver medallion from US News and World Report, as well as a Reward School designation from the State of Michigan.

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Jennifer Hindo

Position: Seventh/Eighth Grade Intervention Math Teacher

School: Pontiac Middle School

School District: Pontiac School District

City, State: Pontiac, Michigan

About the Nominee: Jennifer Hindo was nominated by her principal, Shana Jackson. Mrs. Hindo is an awesome teacher. She loves working with students and does everything she can to help them improve academically. Students love being in her classroom because her lessons are always fun and innovative. Mrs. Hindo volunteers to serve on the Leadership and district curriculum teams, and she also mentors new teachers. Her positive outlook towards students, staff, and parents is one that all students should have in a teacher!

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Shawna Manhart

Position: Band Director

School: Central Middle School

School District: Port Huron Area School District

City, State: Port Huron , Michigan

About the Nominee: Shawna Manhart was nominated by her principal, Ethan Barden. Mrs. Manhart has been a middle school band director in her district for many years, serving two different middle schools. When Chippewa Middle School was closed at the conclusion of the 2009-2010 school year, she played an integral role in easing the transition of Chippewa Middle School students to Central Middle School. Mrs. Manhart voluntarily teaches band all day without a prep hour. Most of her classes are maxed out because the demand to be part of her band program is so significant. Mrs. Manhart provides her students with excellent music instruction, as well as multiple opportunities to showcase their skills in various parades and public service performances. She is the consummate professional, and she strives to make Central a great place to learn.

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