Doris Moore

Position: Principal

School: Overland Trail Elementary School

School District: Blue Valley School District

City, State: Overland Park, Kansas

About the Nominee: Doris Moore was nominated by Robin Warren, the parent of a student. Mrs. Moore has been an educator for over 27 years and is currently serving in her 12th year as principal of Overland Trail Elementary School (OTE), just outside of Kansas City. She is an inspiring, motivating leader who goes above the call of duty for her staff, parents and students on a daily basis. Mrs. Moore has made a lasting, positive difference in the lives of students who have attended OTE during her tenure. Ms. Warren states that she has witnessed Mrs. Moore being invited to her former students’ high school graduations and religious ceremonies, and has seen genuine respect and admiration bestowed upon her by many.

Mrs. Moore is a servant leader who strives to make a daily positive difference for her students and staff. Under her leadership, OTE has continuously improved academically. She is the kind of principal who staff and parents consider to be a true friend. She knows her staff members’ birthdays and wedding anniversaries, has attended funerals on their behalf and treated them as if they were family. Mrs. Moore has created a family atmosphere at OTE, and the school is blessed because of her leadership, character and caring friendship.

It is evident that she cares about her students and always does what is best for them. She also cares about her staff and shows them she cares with her generosity and support for all they do. Recently, one of her teachers said, “Mrs. Moore’s continuous support of the Spanish program at OTE has been excellent. She has always respected our program, has guided me to find resources and deal with issues, and has also provided budgetary resources when needed. Mrs. Moore has modeled that it all goes back to being a team. Nothing can be successful unless we work as gears, in sync and being mindful of each other.” Mrs. Moore leads by example in creating a positive team at OTE!

She has committed her life to teaching, inspiring, motivating and encouraging students, parents, and teachers from preschool through graduate school to find ways to be successful. Her passion is to help all students develop and become successful in every aspect of life!

Mrs. Moore is a prolific facilitator who effectively engages her audience and provides many opportunities for dialogue, growth, and development in her workshops. She is well-sought after nationally as a speaker, educational consultant and workshop facilitator. Additionally, she has served in several leadership roles professionally and in her community, such as Director of Christian Education and Choir Director.

Mrs. Moore earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Emporia State University, and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree. She is a member of various professional organizations and has received many citations and awards, including: Outstanding Educator from the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in Kansas City, Distinguished Administrator Award from Kansas City Public Schools and the Sunflower Employee of the Year Award from the Blue Valley Educational Foundation.

She was born in Vallejo, Ca. and raised in Kansas City. In her spare time, she mentors youth and serves as an educational consultant. Although Doris is very busy, she mainly enjoys spending time with her husband, two lovely children and grandson. Most importantly, Doris attributes all of her successes, talents, and gifts to her faith.

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Tracy Coke

Position: First Grade Teacher

School: Erie Elementary School

School District: USD 101

City, State: Erie, Kansas

About the Nominee: Tracy Coke is an inspiration to the teaching profession! She goes above and beyond what most educators do. Mrs. Coke truly cares about her students, and she does what is needed to help every student succeed. She is a very caring person, and instills her strong values in her students. Mrs. Coke teaches in a way that makes learning fun for her students. She has a personality that makes people smile, and can always brighten your day. Lastly, she has a positive impact on everybody she comes in contact with, whether it be a student or another teacher.

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David Sibley

Position: Head Custodian

School: Ewalt Elementary School

School District: Augusta Public Schools USD 402

City, State: Augusta, Kansas

About the Nominee: David Sibley was nominated by principal, Kristie Thackery.

David Sibley IS Ewalt Elementary School. He has served as custodian since the school was built over 20 years ago. He is the heart of Ewalt and a person in the building who would be impossible to replace. Mr. Sibley takes the time to get to know all of the students. He visits with them during breakfast and lunch and quickly knows them all by name. He also took over Ewalt's recycling team and spends countless hours of his own time working with students to teach them the importance of recycling. Mr. Sibley is always willing to stop what he is doing and help teachers, students or staff with issues. He is never too busy to get something, fix something or greet someone. He is an extremely dedicated employee.

Ewalt is like a home to him. He takes great care to make sure that everything in the building meets expectations. When Mr. Sibley cleans rooms in the summer, he takes pictures of the furniture arrangement in the classrooms first so he can make sure he puts everything back exactly where it was. He also participates in school fundraisers, volunteers his time to help with PTO night events and never complains about the work.

The "amazingness" of Mr. Sibley doesn't stop at Ewalt; he helps around the district in the other buildings as well. He helps at the district office by setting up for meetings, taking care of the flag and cleaning when necessary. When the weather is bad, Mr. Sibley comes in early to clean and treat sidewalks and parking lots. He checks on the building after storms to make sure everything is okay. He is willing to do any job that needs to be done to help the school district be a better place. His smile and positive attitude are the glue that hold the Ewalt community together.

Mr. Sibley is so much more than the custodian at Ewalt. He is a friend, cheerleader and avid supporter of his school and district. One can't get better than Mr. Sibley!

Ryan Luke

Position: Assistant Principal / Athletic Director

School: Chanute High School

School District: USD #413

City, State: Chanute, Kansas

About the Nominee: Ryan Luke was nominated by a student, Dustin Vargo. Ryan Luke is a great person all-around, and a deserving LifeChanger. He is a personal idol to his nominator, Dustin Vargo. Dustin has thought about going into education after college, and he aspires to be like Mr. Luke.

This is Mr. Luke's first year as Athletic Director at Chanute High School after serving as assistant principal last year. He is a very compassionate man who is always there for any of his students if they have a concern or if they just need someone to talk to. He is excellent at his job as a Building Administrator and is a proven leader.

Mr. Luke helped Dustin tremendously on his first day at Chanute High. The office accidentally wrote down the wrong locker combination for Dustin, and he couldn't open his locker. Ten minutes after 1st Hour began, Dustin still couldn't get it open. Mr. Luke was the first person to come down the hallway and ask if he needed help. He led Dustin to the office and helped him get the right combination to his locker. After that, he even took him to his 1st Hour classroom, even though he was new himself and wasn't exactly sure where it was. Mr. Luke probably had other things to do on that first day, but instead he helped one lost student find their way to their classroom. Dustin says that he will never forget that experience and believes that it shows how great a person Mr. Luke is. He personally refers to Mr. Luke as a good friend.

Overall, Mr. Luke is a great LifeChanger and one of the best administrators one could ever meet!

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Michelle Johnson

Position: Science Teacher

School: Royster Middle School

School District: USD #413

City, State: Chanute, Kansas

About the Nominee: Michelle Johnson is an amazing LifeChanger! She took over a class from a very beloved teacher and has filled their shoes perfectly. Ms. Johnson teaches a class called "Seven Habits" which uses a book written by Stephen Covey, but her course also has a lot of original instruction that educates students about life. Some examples are relationships, how to be a good person, etc. She is excellent with students who have struggled or are currently struggling. Middle School is a challenging time for students, but she makes it seem easy by radiating positivity every day. Ms. Johnson is as beloved as her predecessor and an incredible LifeChanger in her community!

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