Susie Bornhardt

Position: Technology Teacher

School: Maurice River Township School

School District: Maurice River Township School District

City, State: Port Elizabeth, New Jersey

About the Nominee: Every once in a while, someone makes an extraordinary contribution to the life of another. Susie Bornhardt did just that for one of her students. At Maurice River Township School, there is a student who has been in and out of foster homes over the last couple of years. This student was going to be removed from a home yet again and sent to another school district. That's when Mrs. Bornhardt stepped in. With two high school daughters already, she researched what needed to be done in order to provide an emergency home for this student. After fighting a grueling battle, she is now the proud parent of this student. It is beautiful to see this student living in a safe, caring home. They come to school clean, happy and proud of who they are. Mrs. Bornhardt didn't just provide a house for this student; she made them a home. There are "family" photos of the student with their new family all over the house, in their new bedroom and even in Mrs. Bornhardt's classroom at school. Mrs. Bornhardt was a LifeChanger for this student!

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