Steve Bostick

Position: Superintendent

School: Benton County School District

School District: Benton County School District

City, State: Ashland, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Steve Bostick was nominated by LeKesha Perry, a former student. Mr. Bostick and Ms. Perry first met 14 years ago, when she was in his 6th grade math class at Ashland Middle School. He was a dedicated educator, one who was engaging and brought math to life in a way that Ms. Perry still remembers to this very day. He made a lasting impression, an impression that will always be with her. Mr. Bostick comes from the very community in which Ms. Perry was raised. He has made his life's work about bettering all children from Benton County. Because of his wisdom, support and guidance over the years, Ms. Perry has been able to reach goals and objectives she might not have thought were possible prior to meeting him. He is more than an educator; he is a giver of life. For so many students, Mr. Bostick has served as a parental role model. He stands above the rest in the community due to his love of people, especially his community. He is a great leader and educator, and is the same person now as he was when Ms. Perry met him all those years ago - someone who puts students first.

As superintendent, Mr. Bostick now has the opportunity to make a much more lasting impact on the district and community. Most recently, he has begun working with several community groups to help improve the district's test scores. He believes in his community, and that in order to educate a child, all stakeholders must be invested in the process. He epitomizes what a LifeChanger is because he made the decision when he was a teen to stay in his community and, through education, make the world a better place.

When Ms. Perry reflects back on that sixth grade class, she thinks about how Mr. Bostick ignited the flames of possibility in a group of 20 students from one of the poorest areas in the state. He ignited hope when so many may not could grasp it. He did that for his students 14 years ago. Today, he does it for so many more. Mr. Bostick does it in his very own way; he teaches with an eye toward the future, with an eye toward what possibility could be. And students like Ms. Perry dare to believe him.

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