Stephanie Wheat

Position: English Teacher

School: Murphy High School

School District: Mobile County Public Schools

City, State: Mobile , Alabama

About the Nominee: Stephanie Wheat received three nominations, including one from LeShounda Robinson, a member of the community. The following profile contains information from all three nominations: Mrs. Wheat is one of those teachers who puts her whole self into every one of her students, each and every day. The relationships that she has with all of her students are an amazing thing to witness. She demands their best, and her students work hard to try and rise to her expectations. She doesn't allow past discipline or grades to influence her instruction, and the students are aware of that. For every student, Room 207 is a safe place that encourages compassion, love, tolerance and high educational goals. Mrs. Wheat not only teaches the required standards, but makes sure she is there to support her students' other interests, both inside and outside of school. She makes students feel equal in terms of what they are capable of doing, whether they rank high or low academically. Anytime you see Mrs. Wheat, she's interacting with the students and has a smile of her face.

She gives her students opportunities they would never experience if it wasn't for her. For example, she once took 50 students to a theme park in another state, just so they could have that experience. The ways that she has impacted students go far beyond the classroom, however. When a student from her school passed away a few years ago, she jumped right in and comforted their family. She also started the Ravens' Promise pledge so that the student's memory will continue to live on and help other students.

Mrs Wheat has worked in Mobile County Public Schools for 18 years. Although she has only been teaching for five of those years, she has been selected as the "Teacher of the Year" twice.

In conclusion, Mrs. Wheat is very smart and kind. She cares about the students she teaches, and they all love her. She is a LifeChanger in her community!