Stephanie Barber

Position: Special Education Teacher School: Sequoyah High School

School District: Cherokee County School District

City, State: Canton, Georgia

About the Nominee: Stephanie Barber was nominated by Sharon Peters, the parent of a student.

Mrs. Barber is a Life Changer on so many levels! She is a special education teacher who goes above and beyond all expectations. She co-founded a program which allows students with special needs to be productive and valuable members of their school. Her students, along with peer helpers, run a coffee shop every morning for the students, faculty and staff. This allows her students to be actively engaged with the regular education students on a daily basis. Mrs. Barber's unique program trains her students in the many facets of the work force while helping them to develop meaningful friendships within the school. This program is a win-win situation for everyone; the regular education students get to know the special needs students on another level. Mrs. Barber has changed so many lives throughout her teaching career. All of her students have benefited by being in her loving classroom, including Ms. Peters' daughter.

This is just one of the many aspects of this wonderful teacher, and this is why Mrs. Barber is being recognized as a LifeChanger in her community.

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