Stacey Killinger

Position: History Teacher / Literacy Coach

School: Bowman High School

School District: William S. Hart Union High School District

City, State: Santa Clarita, California

About the Nominee: Stacey Killinger was nominated by her assistant principal, Eran Zeevi. Ms. Killinger is truly an outstanding educator, leader and motivator. She incorporates only the very best practices into her daily teaching routines, including interactive small group discussions, 21st century technology, presentations, critical thinking through inquiry and encouraging independent thinkers.

She wears many hats on her campus, not only serving as an exemplary teacher, but as Social Studies Department Chair, a member of the Leadership Team and Bowman's Literacy Coach. Ms. Killinger takes on many responsibilities and maintains the highest of standards for her students and herself. Every task she takes on is filled with enthusiasm and is thought out carefully to make it the best it can be. She provides a nurturing, caring, respectful environment for her students, who have confidence in her teaching and guidance. She consistently goes the "extra mile" to assure all students are learning in her classes. If they aren't learning, she will find a creative way to reach them. Failure is not an option in Ms. Killinger's class. She collaborates with staff members to remain innovative in producing engaging lessons that are applicable to real life situations.

As Bowman's Literacy Coach, she works with colleagues on a daily basis, observing their classes and providing valuable feedback that is well-respected and appreciated by her fellow teachers. Ms. Killinger has helped build a professional climate of trust. Teachers are at ease having administration and the literacy coach in their classrooms, which opens up cooperative and supportive dialogues to improve teaching practices.

Ms. Killinger is reliable, dependable and highly organized. She is well respected among the Bowman community, including students, staff and parents. People are drawn to her because she is so personable, caring, funny, smart, empathetic and enthusiastic about her profession. It is a testament of who she is when so many of Bowman's graduates return to campus wanting to see and reconnect with Ms. Killinger because of the imprint she has left on them. Mr. Zeevi states that he is proud to work alongside such an exceptional teacher, educator and friend.