Sharon Pittman

Position: English Language Arts Teacher, Grades 7-9

School: Talladega County Central High School

School District: Talladega County Schools

City, State: Talladega, Alabama

About the Nominee: Sharon Pittman was nominated by her principal, Quentin Lee.

Sharon Pittman currently teaches English 7, English 8, English 9 and enrichment to Talladega County Central High School students. She has spent over a decade inside the classroom teaching students the skills necessary to be successful in English/Language Arts. Mrs. Pittman is very knowledgeable in her content area, and she is an extremely accomplished reading instructor. Her passion helps connect the students with reading, which encourages them to become life-long learners.

Mrs. Pittman has committed herself to helping move the students at Talladega County Central High School towards proficiency. Her students can attest to the rigor and engaging lessons she provides. She also provides systematic approaches to solving real-world problems and presents opportunities for critical thinking, while stressing the importance of her students having a strong work ethic. She motivates them to achieve and create their own individual avenues for success.

Another of Mrs. Pittman's notable strengths is her ability to look at data to drive instruction. She was able to use data from state-required standardized testing, along with summative tests provided by the school district, to move students in reading. She is able to assess standards and remediate all her students within the same class setting. Mrs. Pittman’s students will learn to read one way or the other; she does not allow them to accept defeat. She encourages her students to strive for greatness.

Overall, Mrs. Pittman is a LifeChanger in her community. Her expertise, wisdom, character, humor, charm and hunger for motivating students is infectious and causes her colleagues to strive harder to become better educators.