Sharon Kay Snowton


Position: Bilingual-ESL Teacher

School: Highlands Elementary School

School District:Cedar Hill ISD

City, State: Cedar Hill , Texas

About the Nominee: Sharon Snowton works really hard at her school, in her community and at home. She gives 100% of herself in everything that she does. At Highlands Elementary School, she teaches her 3rd grade students how to write well. The students write and publish a monthly newspaper that is written in English and Spanish called the Highlands Gazette. They also publish a book each year. In her community, Meadow Vista, she serves as the Block Captain on her street. She also helps a man in her neighborhood learn English. At home, she is busy taking care of her family. She never complains and always smiles. Her faith is what keeps her going. Her motto is, "We come to school to learn and leave school to serve," as she believes we can't do anything in this world alone. She knows education is the best thing for people to have, and she has four degrees. Ms. Snowton encourages her students to go to college and be the best they can be. She truly believes the person you are destined to be is the person you can become.