Sharon Borgert

Position: Curriculum and Assessment Director

School: Eden Valley-Watkins ISD

School District: Eden Valley-Watkins ISD #0463

City, State: Eden Valley, Minnesota

About the Nominee: Sharon Borgert was nominated by her superintendent, Mark Messman. Ms. Borgert is not your typical curriculum and assessment director. She is the heart and soul of the Eden Valley-Watkins School District, serving the school-community in various roles and capacities. Ms. Borgert serves as the unofficial administrator in greeting students and staff, coordinating last minute details and solving problems. She continues to extend support and professional resources to veteran staff and new hires alike.

Ms. Borgert provides staff and students with updated, current curriculum options and resources, as well as research-based instructional strategies and trends. She continually monitors and uploads intervention data to support student learning and staff success. Ms. Borgert also provides the administrative team and staff with monthly testing/assessment updates and required compliance and training opportunities. Additionally, she monitors test security throughout the entire assessment process.

Ms. Borgert was inspirational in the district's development of a mentorship program for its Certified and Classified employees. The administrative team recognized the need to provide additional training resources and support to new staff, so Ms. Borgert stepped up to the plate and now serves as the mentorship coordinator. She coordinates and monitors the monthly meetings, agendas and topics to be discussed among mentors/mentees. Additionally, she coordinates the staff and substitute schedules in order to provide mentees with opportunities to conduct peer reviews and self-assessments. On top of the various coordinator roles assigned to her, Ms. Borgert still manages to effectively serve her district on the Staff Development Committee, Superintendent's Cabinet and Chair the World's Best Workforce committee.

While serving on these district-level leadership roles, Ms. Borgert never loses sight of her mission and vision to adhering to high moral and ethical educational standards, sustaining a nurturing and supportive school system and making a positive impact on student learning. She holds a high degree of responsibility and continuously delivers a high level of honesty, integrity, and loyalty to her colleagues, employer and school-community. Ms. Borgert maintains a positive attitude and work ethic, even when faced with adversity and challenge. She is "one-of-a-kind" and serves as a role-model educator for students, staff and administrators. She continues to serve as a LifeChanger in her school and community!

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