Shannon Robbins

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Bramlett Elementary School

School District: Oxford School District

City, State: Oxford, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Shannon Robbins is an amazing teacher! She teaches a kindergarten inclusion class each year with grace. She primarily establishes an environment in her classroom where everyone is valued and treated with care. Then, she works her students like crazy! Her colleagues at Bramlett Elementary are amazed at the work she does. They watch her work, and her students are always eager to please her. When she asks them to try harder and keep learning, they do! Her nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, states that they have also had the joy of having Ms. Robbins teach their children, and they sing her praises. One day, a parent said to them that they think Ms. Robbins does so well because she really gets a kick out of her students. She loves what she's doing, and it shows!

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