Shalest Karlicek

Position: High School English Teacher and Cheer Sponsor

School: Covington ISD

School District: Covington ISD

City, State: Covington, Texas

About the Nominee: Shalest Karlicek was nominated by a colleague, Shannon McClain. According to Ms. McClain, Mrs. Karlicek is the most remarkable lady she has ever met while working for a school district . Mrs. Karlicek devotes unlimited amounts of her time to teaching and mentoring the young adults at Covington ISD. She works non-stop at encouraging these young minds to grow and soak up as many positive elements as possible. Mrs. Karlicek spends countless hours with her school's cheer squad and supports them in all ways, both on and off-campus. She is always available to students, whether it be for grades, school work or just so they have a shoulder to lean on. She shows an endless amount of dedication to her job and students. Every day she enters Covington ISD's doors, Mrs. Karlicek is a positive ray of sunshine. She has changed so many lives, not only for her peers and students, but for those outside the Covington ISD community.

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