Sarah Dragon

Position: Guidance Counselor School: Minne Lusa Elementary School

School District: Omaha Public Schools

City, State: Omaha, Nebraska

About the Nominee: This is the second year Sarah Dragon has been nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year Program. She was previously nominated in 2015-16.

Wherever Ms. Dragon goes, she puts her heart into doing all she can for the students she works with. Last May, she found out she would be working in a new position as a guidance counselor at Minne Lusa Elementary School. The second she found out, she hit the ground running with coming up with ideas to support the students. Ms. Dragon put a lot of hours of her own time into calling and visiting businesses to build partnerships and ask for donations for her new school. She went into her school over summer break to help the new principal clean up the building and make it a positive place for children. Ms. Dragon also found out about a new group in the community called Fathers in the Park that is working on supporting families and making positive change in the school neighborhood. She quickly jumped on board with the group by volunteering at their events each weekend and helping serve food to families. She is an amazing, caring and all-around positive influence in the schools and on the children she works with. Ms. Dragon is a LifeChanger!

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