Sara Mercado

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Natividad School

School District: Salinas City Elementary School District

City, State: Salinas, California

About the Nominee: Sara Mercado has excellent rapport with students, their parents and the school community! She possess great leadership skills; in addition to serving as the PBIS lead in her district and school, she is also the lead teacher for after school intervention, enrichment and Saturday academies. Aside from her extracurricular activities, Mrs. Mercado always has great expectations of every student she works with. Her students come out of her AP Kindergarten class as strong readers, writers and most importantly, innovators of their learning. She brings great skills to her school climate. She also provides Literacy and Math Nights for parents to support their children at home.

Mrs. Mercado goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that parents get all the opportunities and support they need to better serve their children. Her goals for students are that they be all the can be, that they be excellent learners, as well as great leaders, both inside and outside the classroom. Lastly, she is also a mentor for the Induction Teacher Program. She's an excellent coach, mentor, colleague, educator and LifeChanger!