Sandra Willis

Position: Title 1 Coordinator

School: Troy Public Schools

School District: Troy Public Schools

City, State: Troy, Montana

About the Nominee: Sandra Willis was nominated by a colleague, Christina Schertel. Ms. Willis has been teaching in Troy for the past 38 years. As the Title 1 Coordinator for the district, she provides intervention services to students with academic and behavioral challenges to help them move forward in a positive manner. Students love Ms. Willis and credit her with being a positive role model and loving adult in their lives. A student once said, "She is very helpful and always pushes us to do our best. She is knowledgeable in all subjects, and she is always nice to us." Ms. Willis helps collect and analyze data in the district, including ACT scores, SBAC results and STAR screenings.

She is a Department Leader and mentor for new colleagues, and she always has a positive outlook that is admired by the staff. Ms. Willis has been a member of the Even Start Board, Habitat for Humanity, School Intervention Teams, School Improvement Committees and the Montana Education Association. Ms. Willis works with over forty different students each day, and many students credit her with being the driving force to help them graduate. A student once said, "Without Ms. Willis, I never would have passed high school. She was always able to explain things in a way I could understand them." The smiles, sense of humor, knowledge and patience of this woman have positively impacted generations of Troy High School students. She makes her school and community a better place!

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