Samantha Fuhrey

Position: Superintendent School: Newton County School System

School District: Newton County Schools

City, State: Covington, Georgia

About the Nominee: Samantha Fuhrey was nominated with joy and excitement by a colleague, Jacqueline Pennington.

Mrs. Fuhrey is not only a gifted leader who positively motivates and inspires, but she is team-oriented and results-driven, as well. In the early years of Ms. Pennington's 20+ year career as a veteran Newton County educator, Mrs. Fuhrey was her assistant principal, then her principal. Ms. Pennington has witnessed Mrs. Fuhrey's innate ability to lead a plethora of diverse, multicultural educators and students. She has also witnessed positive changes in the forms of student achievement, improved test scores, refocused attitudes, team building, professional growth and development and a higher quality of service due to Mrs. Fuhrey's efforts. Her unique style of leadership is done with selflessness, teamwork, enthusiasm, laughter, commitment, wholeheartedness, authenticity and positive recognition, without condescending remarks or ever raising her voice.

Mrs. Fuhrey's establishment of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council is especially noteworthy. This committee allows student members to serve as advisors and act as liaisons between Newton County School System's administration and students. The committee discusses how decisions made at the district level are affecting students throughout the county. In other words, she gave the students a greater voice. In addition, she has always encouraged her colleagues to unite as one and to be the best. She is truly an awesome educator and LifeChanger who leads by example! Her leadership skills and positive approach have not only changed Ms. Pennington's life, but the lives of Newton County's students and staff. No one can be in her presence and not be changed for the better!

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